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Dear Friend -


If there is one thing I have learned after over 30 years of full time ministry …. It is this. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Always keep your focus on Him.

The enemy will do his best to distract you especially with people and how they live or don’t live their lives as Christians .

Most of the hurts in my life have come , not from the people in the world, but from Christians… I’m sure I’ve hurt my share of people in my lifetime.

Working in and for so many different ministries, I’ve seen my share of adultery, fornication, greed, ego, pride, controlling spirits, jealousy, envy, strife and so many other things. The reason I’m still here is that I understand mankind…. Human kind… are just that they are flesh…. Flesh will fail. My flesh has failed and so has yours…. But the righteous…. Keep getting up and not making the same mistakes over again.

So….. don’t look back today….. you will have too many regrets Don’t look down.. you will become depressed
Don’t look around… you will become discouraged.

Look up…. Keep your eyes on Jesus…. He will never fail you.

I will keep Him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on the Lord.

Today I have perfect peace because my eyes are on the Lord and no one else.

In His Love, 

Dr. Helen Trowbridge

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