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We are humbled and blessed at how mightily God has moved in our ministry over the years. Thank you to our brothers and sisters who have also given their lives over to the service of our Lord and Savior for their kind words and unwavering support.

I have known Helen Trowbridge for over 35 years as a tremendous woman of God who has a great passion for people. Because of her vast amount of experience in ministry, her prophetic cutting-edge word changes people and churches wherever she goes. She has been a great blessing to my life and to our church, and it is with great respect and confidence that I recommend her to you.

Bishop Gary McIntosh
Greenwood Christian Center

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Helen Trowbridge is a friend and tremendous asset to any pastor. She understands the nature of the church and the value of speaking a “now” word, without compromising sound doctrine and truth. Helen has ministered to our church family for over ten years. Each time, her prophetic insight and articulation of the heart of God has both strengthened and encouraged us in this fluid world.

Rev. Bryan N. Attinson, Sr.
Christ Church Senior Pastor

When the name Helen Trowbridge is mentioned, the word REAL comes to mind. As a woman of God whom we have known for 17 years, there is a realness we see in her that is unmatched. REAL in character, REAL in life, REAL in conviction, REAL in her delivery of God’s Word.
In this day and time, it is refreshing and inspiring to know a person who does not compromise her life or the Word of God, but brings to us Reality. God has anointed Helen with passion for His Word and passion for His people. We consider Tim and Helen wonderful friends and are grateful to God for bringing their ministry into our lives and the lives of those in our church.

Pastor David and Celeste Matherne
Praise Church

Littleton, CO

Tim and Helen are two of our dearest friends in the world. Their passion is to see the Kingdom of God Manifested in the Earth! Therefore, their resources are directed toward soul winning, discipleship, serving the local church and making a global impact through missions. They have been a consistent voice of counsel in our lives and in the life of our church. Whenever we think of Trowbridge Ministries, we think of integrity and character. They are a breath of fresh air for the Body of Christ! We are so honored to know them and we highly recommend their ministry.

Pastors Demetrius and Angela Miles
Tucson Church International

Tucson, Arizona

It has been my honor to Pastor, Tim and Helen Trowbridge for five years. It is so refreshing to know seasoned and world wide evangelists, who still have a great love and passion for God and His church. They are consistent in their walk with God in their daily lives. Helen has an awesome revelation of God’s word. God’s healing anointing, and the prophetic mantle is also upon her as she ministers. Powerful testimonies follow their meetings. She is a mighty woman of God and much loved by the body of Christ. She always takes God’s people boldly into His Presence. I love it when Helen moves to the keyboard and begins to worship. Her style is very unique and sweetly anointed to usher in the presence of God.Tim has been assisting us with management in our church book store and has been a blessing to our body. He is always willing to assist us in any way he can. His gifts make room for him everywhere he goes.

I am honored to be their pastor and their friend.

Landmark Christian Center

More than ten years ago, Helen and Tim Trowbridge came to the Netherlands and Belgium for the first time. Since then, they have made it their effort to come every year, sacrificially traveling and ministering. They not only share a seasoned Word from the Lord, but also from their lives. They preach a no-compromise message about total dedication, character above charisma, challenging young and old to go for a new level in God. They minister from the platform, edifying churches with the Kingdom message, and are always ready to encourage people in personal encounters. They have become family and best friends for us, but also a blessing and inspiration for many ministers, who count on their return the following year. Thank you, Helen and Tim, for reaching out to saints and sinners in Holland! We want you back.

Pastors Henk Karelse & ” De Banier ”
The Banner in Almelo

Holland (Netherlands)

Helen Trowbridge will be a blessing in whatever genre she is placed in, be it women’s conferences, church revivals, etc. She has an anointed and practical way of making the Word come alive.

Pastor Marvin Winans
Perfecting Church

Detroit, Michigan

It goes without hesitation, that I heartily recommend the ministry of Helen Trowbridge, as I have known her in a ministerial capacity for many years and have watched her function as a disciple while serving on the church staff at Higher Dimensions, as a counselor and teacher in a variety of circles and now as a full time traveling minister. Her keen prophetic insight in the Word is clearly shared with a touch of humor and many honest personal experiences which allow the audience to identify with Helen. It is obvious to me, that God’s preparation of her has equipped her to have THE WORD for such a time as this.

Iverna Tompkins Ministries
Scottsdale, Arizona

We have known the Trowbridges for over seven years. As a fellow minister of the Gospel, I have known Sister Helen to be an anointed minister of God. Her gifts of teaching, preaching and her prophetic ministry have proven to be a tremendous blessing to us personally and our congregation. Helen’s ministry is based solidly and soundly upon the Word of God. She has never succumbed to the all-too-common tendency to permit the culture to dictate the caliber of her preaching. She strives to glorify God in her ministry, rather than please man. Her preaching is anointed, effective, relevant, and in-touch with the times without compromising or watering-down the truth. She has a compassion for the lost and unreached, extending her ministry overseas as well as within the United States. Whether she is preaching during a worship service, conducting a seminar, women’s retreat or speaking to church leaders, Helen’s ministry is consistently characterized by excellence. It has been our privilege to know her, and benefit by her ministry and friendship.

Rev. Damian Smeragliuolo, Senior Pastor
Lighthouse Tabernacle Church

When I think of Helen Trowbridge, what comes to mind is a mighty warrior for the Lord, who like the priests of Zadok, minister in the Holy of Holies and come out with the smell of his presence ready to minister unto his people. She is a woman of valor whose life and ministry reflect His love.

Dr. Dianne McIntosh
Grace Ministries

Scottsdale, Arizona

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